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Some of the recent projects Map Works has completed:

  • Several Urban Drainage Flood Control District projects around Denver including: Massey Draw, Kinney/Fonder, Granby/Sable, Yankee Doodle
  • C Lazy U Ranch, mapping and color orthophoto mosaic - for Geosurv
  • Base housing areas in Ft. Carson, one foot contour mapping and orthophoto mosaics - for Gillans
  • Mineral Hot Springs mapping - for Oasis 2000
  • Seven square miles of topography in and around St. Cloud, MN. - for Image Scans
  • Fortune Reservoir construction - volumes at three stages of work for Consolidated Mutual Water Company
  • Union/Simms Boulevard mapping and orthophoto mosaic - for City of Lakewood
  • 80th Ave. and Highway 85 mapping - for Geosurv
  • Evergreen Parkway orthophoto mosaic - for Washington Group
  • Various sites around Denver for Gillans, Muller, Hurst, and Geosurv

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Map Works provides maps and performs mapping as a service using aerial photography. Interpolation of contours is included as a result of DTM -- digital terrain mapping -- collection. We specialize in orthophoto and use photogrammetric software.
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